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28 ChatGPT Business Ideas

1. Build a chatbot using ChatGPT and sell it to businesses looking for conversational AI solutions.

Partner with managed service providers to market and sell chatbots to their existing customer base

Create customizable chatbot templates optimized for common business use cases like customer service and lead generation

Offer ongoing chatbot training, maintenance and continuous improvement services

2. Offer a consulting service that helps companies integrate ChatGPT into their existing systems.

Provide API integration services to connect ChatGPT to internal databases, CRM systems and other data sources

Advise on best practices for deploying ChatGPT responsibly across customer-facing touchpoints

Offer change management consulting to ensure smooth adoption of ChatGPT within organizations

3. Write blog articles for businesses or individuals looking for AI-generated content.

Curate a roster of subject matter experts to guide ChatGPT content generation on diverse topics

Edit and optimize all AI-generated drafts to ensure high-quality, readable content

Promote a streamlined ordering system for on-demand blog content production

4. Use ChatGPT to generate product descriptions, social media posts, and other marketing materials for e-commerce websites.

Build customized ChatGPT models trained on a client's brand voice and tone

Continuously expand the model's product knowledge via ongoing training

Offer human review and editing services to perfect all AI-generated marketing copy

5. Create a personal assistant app that utilizes ChatGPT's language processing capabilities to answer users' questions and perform tasks.

Enable seamless integration with popular calendar, email, and productivity software APIs

Implement conversational workflows for common virtual assistant requests like scheduling, research, and reminders

Provide premium features like completely customized personas and hands-free voice functionality

6. Develop a language learning app that uses ChatGPT to help users learn new languages through conversation.

Simulate immersive conversational scenarios tailored to a student's proficiency level

Give real-time feedback on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation during chats

Track progress and curate personalized lesson plans based on strengths and weaknesses

7. Create a virtual writing assistant that uses ChatGPT to suggest improvements to written content.

Train the AI assistant on diverse writing styles and conventions with human oversight

Allow users to customize the tone, voice and editing approach to match their needs

Offer corrections on grammar, spelling, sentence structure in addition to style and word choice

8. Build a resume builder tool that uses ChatGPT to generate custom resumes for job seekers.

Integrate an intuitive step-by-step resume building workflow

Enable customization of resume sections and formatting options

Continuously retrain the AI with up-to-date resume writing best practices

9. Offer a transcription service that uses ChatGPT to transcribe audio or video recordings.

Optimize speech-to-text models using large datasets of human-transcribed files

Allow cloud uploading of media files to be transcribed by the AI

Provide time-stamped transcripts that are human-verified for maximum accuracy

10. Develop a language translation app that uses ChatGPT to translate text or speech between languages.

Support an extensive catalog of language pairs for both text and audio

Implement highest-quality neural machine translation models

Enable easy-sharing of translated content across popular social/messaging apps

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Want the full list of "268+ ChatGPT Business Ideas?

Subscribe below to get it now:


Read by top executives at some of the world's biggest companies.

20. Develop a chat-based legal advice app that uses ChatGPT to provide legal information and advice to users.

Train conversational models exclusively on licensed legal professionals’ knowledge

Warn users of the limitations of AI advice and recommend consulting attorneys

Provide specific answers to users’ legal questions with relevant statute citations

19. Build a language comprehension test tool that uses ChatGPT to assess users' language skills.

Develop scientifically-validated test question banks covering reading, writing, speaking, listening

Adaptively deliver questions tailored to each learner's ability level

Provide instant feedback on responses and measure scores on standardized scales

18. Develop a news aggregator app that uses ChatGPT to summarize news articles and provide users with the most important information.

Generate concise summaries of top news stories from thousands of global publications

Allow personalization of news feeds based on location, interests, and preferred sources

Enable audio versions of summaries through AI-generated narration

17. Create an AI-generated poetry generator tool that uses ChatGPT to generate unique poems based on user input.

Train poetry generation models on diverse poem styles with a focus on creativity

Allow users to customize poems by providing thematic prompts and key phrases

Implement rigorous content filtering to ensure coherent, meaningful poetry output

16. Develop a virtual shopping assistant app that uses ChatGPT to help users find products and make purchasing decisions.

Enable voice-activated shopping across integrated ecommerce partners

Provide personalized recommendations based on purchase history and stated preferences

Chat conversationally with users to refine product suggestions based on feedback

15. Build a chat-based language exchange app that connects users with native speakers of the language they want to learn.

Match users with native speakers based on proficiency level and interests

Structure conversations around exercises that encourage practicing new vocabulary

Allow learners to easily correct conversations when they make language mistakes

14. Create a chat-based dating app that uses ChatGPT to facilitate conversations between matches.

Suggest icebreakers and topics tailored to user interests and personality types

Monitor conversations to promote positive, safe interactions within the community

Provide post-date feedback surveys to continuously improve recommendations

13. Develop a mental health app that uses ChatGPT to provide personalized support and advice to users.

Build conversational models specifically trained in counseling and positive psychology

Enable users to log thoughts and track mental health goals over time

Connect users seamlessly with licensed therapists for further support if needed

12. Build a chat-based game that uses ChatGPT to generate questions and answers.

Create engaging roleplaying and adventure games driven by AI-generated narratives

Implement smart content filtering to ensure appropriate, family-friendly content

Support multiplayer gameplay by syncing game state across players in real-time

11. Create a plagiarism checker tool that uses ChatGPT to detect instances of plagiarism in written content.

Train customized plagiarism detection models on large corpora of texts

Allow users to seamlessly check documents by uploading or pasting text

Provide detailed plagiarism reports highlighting unoriginal content sources

21. Create a chat-based travel guide app that uses ChatGPT to provide personalized recommendations and information to users.

Enable users to describe their travel interests and constraints to receive custom recommendations

Integrate reservation and booking capabilities for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Provide location-based tips, historical facts, and points of interest during travel

22. Build a virtual storytelling app that uses ChatGPT to generate unique stories based on user input.

Allow users to provide plot points, characters, settings to guide AI story generation

Implement rich conversational interactivity, asking users questions to refine stories

Produce professionally narrated audio versions of completed stories

23. Develop a chat-based writing prompt generator tool that uses ChatGPT to generate creative writing prompts.

Train the AI on analyzing diverse published works to identify thought-provoking writing prompts

Allow users to filter prompts by genre, theme, literary technique to match their interests

Refresh libraries of prompts continuously to ensure originality

24. Create an AI-generated recipe tool that uses ChatGPT to generate unique recipes based on user input.

Enable voice commands to select ingredients, flavors, dietary needs for recipe generation

Give step-by-step instructions including cooking times, nutritional information

Suggest personalized recipe tweaks and substitutions based on user feedback

25. Build a virtual writing workshop app that uses ChatGPT to provide feedback and suggestions to writers.

Allow writers to upload excerpts and receive AI critiques on plot, pacing, characters, etc.

Generate line-by-line edit suggestions focused on style, grammar, and coherence

Provide nurturing feedback to motivate budding writers as they develop their craft

26. Develop a chat-based financial advisor app that uses ChatGPT to provide investment advice and guidance to users.

Synthesize vast datasets of historical market data to optimize investment recommendations

Conduct personalized risk assessments based on each user's financial situation

Suggest balanced portfolios across asset classes aligned to investors' goals

27. Create a chat-based productivity app that uses ChatGPT to provide users with reminders, to-do lists, and scheduling tools.

Enable voice-activated task capture and schedule management

Proactively remind users of upcoming tasks and appointments

Suggest productivity optimizations based on analyzing users' activity patterns

28. Build a virtual interior design app that uses ChatGPT to provide users with design recommendations and advice.

Generate 3D room renderings based on desired layouts, dimensions, styles

Recommend coordinated furniture, lighting, decor items from partner vendors

Offer expert guidance on interior design best practices tailored to users' goals

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